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Here are some common questions

How much is the installation with the unit?

The unit and install fee is only $3,300 in total

What refrigerant so I use?

R134A (not included in the package)

How long can I run my unit for?

Our units can be used for up to 6-10 hours during a rest stop

Can you use the unit while driving?

We would discourage doing that as the unit was specifically made for rest stop use

How fast can you install it?

We can install your unit within 4-6 hours, you email us if you would like to schedule an installment date

Do you have a discount code?

Yes, you can enjoy $100 off when you use code: TRUCKER at checkout


If you have any additional questions or comments for us, fill out the form below with all of your details and we'll get back to you with 48 hours.